I want to go be with Mom. Take me there. Take me where Mom is.

Free! Boys - New Character Songs

"I can’t do anything. I can’t do anything by myself. But I think I’ve seen something…something that gives me courage."


Free! Eternal Summer character song vol.3, 4, and 5 covers.

Vol.3 Matsuoka Rin tracklist:

  • 01. Over the Dream
  • 02. Gratefully
  • 03. Over the Dream (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Gratefully (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.4 Hazuki Nagisa tracklist:

  • 01. ボクカクメイ
  • 02. プリズムSHOWTIME☆
  • 03. ボクカクメイ (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. プリズムSHOWTIME☆ (OFF VOCAL)

Vol.5 Ryugazaki Rei tracklist:

  • 01. Coming Soooon!!
  • 02. Beautiful Impressions
  • 03. Coming Soooon!! (OFF VOCAL)
  • 04. Beautiful Impressions (OFF VOCAL)

Release Date: 3 September 2014


ナ  イ  ン    |    残  響  の  テ  ロ  ル    |    7  話
I thought I was the only one who knew that smile and those eyes bright like stars.

We’re goin’ fishin’!

Nozaki-kun catching a cold - manga w/anime

Excuse me, can I get two red bean donuts?